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What are Private Entrances for Apartments?

More and more renters are looking for convenience when it comes to their apartments, which means private entrance apartments are becoming increasingly popular.

But what are private entrance apartments? Read on to learn more about private entrance apartments and what they're all about.

How Long Do Apartment Tours Take? 

Are you thinking about renting a new apartment? This is an exciting and memorable step, but it can also be a little overwhelming. Scheduling too many tours in one day could leave you feeling stressed and burned out. How long do apartment tours take? What should you expect when you get there? Today, we're sharing all of the answers you need to know. 

Can My Upstairs Neighbors Hear Me? 

We can all remember funny TV episodes that involve a noisy neighbor. While it is a funny concept in films and TV shows, maybe it got you pondering the question, "Can my upstairs neighbor hear me?" The answer to that question depends on several factors we demystify in that article. Read on to learn why apartments can occasionally be noisy places, what sounds travel the furthest, and how to soundproof your home.